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Sustainable solutions

An underground operator in safety clothing navigating a drill boom by using the drill's digital interface in a cabin in an underground tunnel

We will lead on innovating sustainable solutions, for our customers and society.

Our purpose is to ‘Make the shift, advancing the world through engineering’. The biggest contribution we can make is to help our customers to make a sustainable transition in mining, rock processing and component manufacturing through the solutions we provide.

Sustainable solutions are central to the growth of our business, and our customers’ businesses. In a thriving world, the whole of the value chain is sustainable. We are part of many value chains, from mobile phones to wind turbines, from the equipment used for mining raw materials through to parts used in component manufacturing. So our mission is to build sustainability into everything we do – from research and development to product innovation to sustainable sourcing in our supply chain.

Close customer collaboration

In developing sustainable solutions, we work in close collaboration with our customers. We look at where we can have an influence both in how products are made and impact in use – from water to energy to circularity and resource efficiency.

Technology provides the tools to enable end-to-end optimization for our industries. Data and new technologies are transforming how we gather insights and share knowledge with our customers, enabling continuous transformation, as well as transparency across the value chain.

Net zero and circular

One key focus in developing sustainable solutions is on emissions reduction. We have a goal of being net zero in our value chain and are helping to advance our customers on this journey. We are committed to reducing emissions within all product development and including verified carbon reduction potential as part of our customer value proposition. Solutions include electrification of mining and rock processing equipment and software systems for manufacturing which reduce energy use and improve efficiency and productivity.

Developing circular business models is also a critical part of sustainable solutions. Our goal is at least 90% circularity for our products, packaging and waste by 2030. Circularity and resource efficiency for our products and equipment includes extending the service life, repair, refurbishment and recycling.

Explore our customer offerings

AutoMine® concept loader in an underground mine

Sustainable mining solutions

Our automation, digitalization and electrification solutions help mines run safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations.
Sustainable mining solutions
A large plant with equipment for rock processing

Eco-efficient rock processing

Our solutions enable customers to extract maximum value from resources while embracing sustainability through the value chain.
Eco-efficient rock processing

Efficient and sustainable manufacturing

Our tooling and software solutions enable a component manufacturing industry that is more productive, energy efficient and less resource intensive.
Efficient and sustainable manufacturing

Other focus areas:

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